Soldiers and scientists join forces at Canadian Forces Base Suffield to help recover an endangered species

– Ralston, Alberta — The tiny Burrowing Owl, weighing a little more than a baseball and standing as high as a pigeon, is a rare sight at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Suffield.

Army Padre Colonel Guy Bélisle describes ‘Walking day-to-day with the troops’

– Ottawa, Ontario — Outgoing Canadian Army Command Chaplain Colonel Guy Bélisle’s profound dedication towards his troops as an infantry officer inspired him to pursue a calling as a military chaplain.

Employers take part in Army exercise alongside their Reservist employees

– Winnipeg, Manitoba — When Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Superintendent Julie Baines came upon Sergeant Taylor Warren in his G-Wagon during Exercise ARMOURED BISON (Ex AB), she wasn’t quite sure she recognized him.

Battle Group Training, Wainwright style: Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 2018

– Approximately 5500 military personnel participated in Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 2018, which focused on validating three Level 6 headquarters from 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group from 13 to 24 May at Canadian Forces Base Wainwright, Alberta.

Infantry captain’s roots run through his regiment and back to India

– Hamilton, Ontario — Captain Sarbjit Singh (Rene) Juneja’s South Asian heritage means a lot to him. It has also provided him with context and a sense of pride in his role with the Canadian Army Reserve (ARes).

Understanding identities: a talk with Brigadier-General Jocelyn Paul

– Ottawa, Ontario — Being an Indigenous member of the Canadian Army has brought many advantages to one of Canada’s most senior officers.

First-generation Canadian proud to represent the red and white

Regimental Sergeant-Major enjoys rare Mother’s Day at ‘home’ with 40,000 strangers

From maternity leave to combat – mother in Canadian Army learns resilience

Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Army aims to be ‘a good ambassador’

Reservists wanted to ‘fill in the gaps’ at Gagetown

Canadian Rangers use “ihuma” to help train Arctic Operations Advisors

Joined at 40, Supply Technician likes mix of stability and excitement

Earth Day: Wainwright’s heritage bison herd inspires Second Annual Bison Run

Medium Range Radar: a portable, powerful addition to the Canadian Army toolbox

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