Canadian Rangers and Junior Canadian Rangers Expand Presence in Northern Ontario

– The Canadian Rangers have been busy expanding their capability to serve the people and youth of Northern Ontario with two new patrols, and two new detachments, in addition to a new Junior Canadian Ranger patrol.

Junior Canadian Ranger from Fort Severn wins Canada Company bursary

– Ian Kakekaspan, an 18-year-old Junior Canadian Ranger from Fort Severn is one of five Junior Rangers from across Northern Canada who has won a Canada Company bursary to assist with education expenses.

Canadian Rangers complete challenging OPP search and rescue course

– A group of Canadian Rangers representing five First Nations from the Far North of Ontario have completed a challenging search and rescue course led by Ontario Provincial Police.

Reservist joins Op IMPACT with ‘a strong sense of duty’

– Canadian Army Reservist Sergeant Amelia Chia recently bid farewell to the fifth-graders she teaches in her civilian career. From mid-December until July 2020, Sgt Chia will be part of Operation IMPACT (Op IMPACT), Canada’s training mission in the Middle East.Canadian Army Reservist Sergeant Amelia Chia recently completed training for her second deployment to the Middle East, where she will serve as a supply technician in Kuwait as part of Operation IMPACT. Photo: Provided by Sergeant Amelia Chia.

Future soldier technologies: Laser sight trial

– Scientific advances need real-world testing to demonstrate their worth, particularly when defence and security issues are at stake.

Korea War Veteran Remembers Comrades killed at Canoe River

– Former Bombardier Leslie Mercer attends 2RCHA Commemoration of train crash.

Italian Campaign a bond for soldiers in Kuwait

Reservist Medical Tech says teamwork saved lives in Iraq

Teamwork in the world of combat engineers

Canadian Army Combat Engineers helping ‘bridge the gap’ in Ukraine

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