Communication established with North Pole thanks to 37th Operation RADIO SANTA

– Winnipeg, Manitoba — Operation RADIO SANTA is certainly a no-fail mission for members of 38 Canadian Brigade Group (38 CBG) as soldiers visit hundreds of excited elementary school children in Ontario and western Canada to make sure they can talk to Santa Claus during the week of December 3 to 8, 2018.

Canadian Army assisted with Halifax Explosion disaster relief 101 years ago

– Halifax, Nova Scotia — It’s been 101 years since thousands of Canadian soldiers, other military personnel and civilians rushed to save the city and its people.

Commandant of Royal Military College St-Jean: Millennials a great fit for the Canadian Armed Forces

– Saint-Jean, Quebec — Millennials are perceived as different from previous generations, particularly regarding their relationship with technology and their world view. Colonel Gervais Carpentier, Commandant of RMC Saint-Jean, maintains that millennials have more similarities than differences when compared to previous generations and the CAF has a lot to offer them.

The Victoria Cross for animals: The Dickin Medal

– Ottawa, Ontario — Throughout its history, the Canadian Army (CA) has relied on animals to take on various tasks, including communication, transportation and troop morale. No matter what job they did, thousands of dogs, pigeons, horses and other animals have played vital roles in the success of the CA.

Junior Canadian Rangers – 20 years of history

– Twenty years ago, 10 teenagers from Paulatuk, a remote community in the Inuvik region of the Northwest Territories, blazed a trail as the first participants in a two-year trial youth program launched by the Department of National Defence…

The Canadian Armed Forces aims to modernize Primary Reserve infrastructure

– The Department of National Defence (DND) has launched The Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserves Infrastructure Strategic Asset Study, an extensive study of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Primary Reserves (PRes) armouries and other properties across the country to make sure Reservists have the most suitable and cost-effective work environments.

Logisticians celebrate their 50th anniversary

Canadian Army Honorary receives Senate 150th Anniversary Medal

Base Gagetown’s scuba club holds annual underwater pumpkin carving contest

Born on Remembrance Day in military family, Army captain’s career not a surprise

Workshop cultivates Respect in the Canadian Armed Forces

Lieutenant Roberta MacAdams: First Canadian military dietician and women’s political trailblazer

Indigenous war stories ‘must be told,’ says Quebec historian

Latvian troops say ‘thank you’ at Army Run

Army Reserve soldier, 53, masters armoured vehicle before two-wheeler

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