Chief Warrant Officer Tracy-Ann Fisher on the Army Communication and Information Systems Specialist trade

– By Michelle Savage, Army Public Affairs Ottawa, Ontario — Long gone are the days of the carrier pigeon. Today’s Army Communication and Information Systems Specialists …

Father and son join same Army Reserve medical unit 29 years apart

– Winnipeg, Manitoba — When Private Scott English decided to join the Canadian Army Reserve as a medic, he knew that he would have big shoes to fill.

Putting their best foot forward – Canadian Armed Forces expanding options with an individual combat boot purchase program

– Ottawa, Ontario — Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members will soon be able to step up their choices when it comes to their combat boots.

Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle gives Army Reserve ‘more operational relevance’: Armour School Commandant

– Oromocto, New Brunswick — 5th Canadian Division Support Base (5 CDSB) Gagetown is known as ‘The Home of the Army.’ Why? Because it is home to the Combat Training Centre (CTC), where virtually every Canadian Army (CA) soldier will visit for training at some point.

An Indigenous Reservist’s fulfilling career: Chief Warrant Officer Albert Boucher

– Kingston, Ontario – When most of your family has served in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), it seems probable that you might also join. That is exactly what Chief Warrant Officer Albert Boucher did 35 years ago.

Supply Technicians like Corporal Kory Fraser have pride and purpose

– Edmonton, Alberta — Always “magically getting things,” Supply Technicians are the logistical wizards of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

Canadian Army supports Mali mission by land, air

Canadian Army Reservists head to South Dakota for joint training

Military and civilian teams battle to create gourmet dishes on Exercise SAFFRON 2018

Soldiers and scientists join forces at Canadian Forces Base Suffield to help recover an endangered species

Army Padre Colonel Guy Bélisle describes ‘Walking day-to-day with the troops’

Employers take part in Army exercise alongside their Reservist employees

Battle Group Training, Wainwright style: Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 2018

Infantry captain’s roots run through his regiment and back to India

Understanding identities: a talk with Brigadier-General Jocelyn Paul

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