Canada’s Indigenous soldiers wove unbreakable wartime code with native languages

– August 9 marks the 37th International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. The 2019 theme is Indigenous Peoples’ Languages. The clever use of Indigenous languages to create an unbreakable secret code played a vital role in the victory of the Allies in the Second World Wa

Emotional moment at Juno Beach for 95-year-old Veteran and Battlefield cyclists

– When 95-year-old Second World War veteran Russell Kaye set foot on Juno Beach for his first time since D-Day, he wasn’t making his steps in its dark brown sand alone.

The Long Road Home for the Kandahar Cenotaph

– It has travelled across a desert, an ocean, all the way across Canada and to the United States en route to its permanent home. The Kandahar Cenotaph, built by soldiers honouring their fallen comrades, is now housed in the Afghanistan Memorial Hall in Ottawa.

Members of The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) cross the pond to visit their royal Colonel-in-Chief

– For over 60 years, the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) have gone without a Colonel-in-chief until 2014 when Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal stepped up.

Species at risk in good hands at Ottawa’s Connaught Ranges and Primary Training Centre

– The Connaught Ranges and Primary Training Centre (CRPTC) in Southwest Ottawa is a major hub for military and police firearms training. With that in mind, CRPTC probably sounds less than hospitable to wildlife, but it is actually a safe haven for a wide range of plant, animal and insect species designated by government authorities as endangered or on the cusp of becoming so.

Former Ceremonial Guard drum major pilots a flypast at Fortissimo

– For Captain Erik Temple, a former drum major with the Ceremonial Guard (CG) of the Canadian Armed Forces, Fortissimo 2019 was a reunion.

Canadian Forces Base Shilo recognized for prairie conservation

Warrior Games chance to get back out and live life

Ceremonial Guard marches into summer with 23rd annual Fortissimo

Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Army comes ‘full circle’ with visit to Iraq

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