Indigenous war stories ‘must be told,’ says Quebec historian

– Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec — A Quebec-based amateur historian has set himself the ambitious goal of documenting every North American Indigenous soldier who has served since Europeans first discovered the continent in 1492.

Latvian troops say ‘thank you’ at Army Run

– Ottawa, Ontario — At the time of the 2017 Canada Army Run (CAR), 455 Canadian troops were deployed to Camp Ādaži, Latvia as part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup (eFPB)

Army Reserve soldier, 53, masters armoured vehicle before two-wheeler

– Oromocto, New Brunswick — At 53 years old, I’m doing something that might have sounded strange when I first immigrated to Canada in 2002 from Cienfuegos, Cuba: I’m on an Armoured Reconnaissance course with candidates predominantly not even half my age. And I’m enjoying the course.

A summer of success – Full-time Army Reserve employment program attracts more job-seekers than projected

– The summer of 2018 featured the inaugural run of the Canadian Army’s Full-time Summer Employment (FTSE) Program. Open to Reservists in their first four years of service, the program offered guaranteed summer employment and enjoyed great success, with 4,400 Reservists from across Canada accepting an offer; a return that exceeded projections.

Joined at 40, Corporal Scott Sargent proves his mettle to younger generation

– Military service is something many of us would put near the top of any list of things best-suited to the young, but one Canadian Army Reservist shows that age is less relevant than ability. Corporal Scott Sargent joined the Calgary Highlanders, a Canadian Army Reserve infantry unit in 2015 at the age of 40.

Explore careers on September 29, 2018 at Canada-wide Army Reserve Open House and Job Fair

– Ottawa, Ontario — Have you ever considered challenging yourself and becoming an integral part of the Army’s mission by serving part-time as a Reservist? Saturday, September 29, 2018 is a perfect time to learn more: most Army Reserve units, sub-units and detachments across Canada will be opening their doors to the public.

Chief Warrant Officer Tracy-Ann Fisher on the Army Communication and Information Systems Specialist trade

Father and son join same Army Reserve medical unit 29 years apart

Putting their best foot forward – Canadian Armed Forces expanding options with an individual combat boot purchase program

Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle gives Army Reserve ‘more operational relevance’: Armour School Commandant

An Indigenous Reservist’s fulfilling career: Chief Warrant Officer Albert Boucher

Supply Technicians like Corporal Kory Fraser have pride and purpose

Canadian Army supports Mali mission by land, air

Canadian Army Reservists head to South Dakota for joint training

Military and civilian teams battle to create gourmet dishes on Exercise SAFFRON 2018

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