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Tag: Mental Health – Mental Health stories

Genetic sequencing could help diagnose PTSD

– Defence research scientists are developing a study on how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be linked to certain genes, which may help with diagnosis and treatment. Every person has a particular set of genes that act like recipes for a variety of traits. Some human genes are different depending on the person. These are the …

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2016 Addictions Awareness Campaign: Know where to draw the line 12 -26 Nov

–   This year’s Addictions Awareness Campaign, which takes place from November 12 to 26, focuses on being aware of the choices we make that can keep us safe and healthy. The goal of the campaign is to promote an addiction-free lifestyle for the entire CAF community by providing information, resources, and activities. Objectives of this …

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What to do when you don’t feel mentally healthy

– “Hello…How are you?” is a familiar greeting and we usually don’t put much thought into the response. Our reply is usually, “Fine, how are you?”  But what happens when you are not fine? What happens when you are feeling blue, edgy, or even having thoughts of suicide? How do you tell someone you are not …

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