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Tag: Regional Round Up – News from coast to coast

Vancouver Canucks honour military

– Necks were craned in Vancouver’s Rogers Arena on January 30 to watch as four search and rescue technicians rappelled from the rafters to centre ice.

Category: Defence | Royal Canadian Air Force | Royal Canadian Navy
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Ontario Regional Old Timers’ Hockey hits the ice

– Teams from Trenton, Borden, Kingston and Petawawa took to the ice to see who would win the 2018 Ontario Regional Old Timers’ Hockey Championship.

Category: Defence
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Caribou ribs and haggis are highlights of Ranger training

– Rangers trained soldiers from the Toronto Scottish Regiment on ice water rescue, starting fires, snaring and trapping small game, building shelters, and preparing signal fires for search and rescue aircraft.

Category: Defence
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Snowbirds prepare for June airshow

– With an upcoming air show at CFB Borden on June 2 and 3, the Snowbirds are more than excited to perform once again at the biggest training base in Canada.

Category: Defence | Royal Canadian Air Force
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Sailor proud to give back

– Master Seaman Lokombe is deeply committed to community collaboration, and this has led him to a number of volunteer positions and community leadership roles.

Category: Defence | Royal Canadian Navy
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SAR skills built through typical training day

– A search and rescue crew on board one of 14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia’s CC-130 Hercules aircraft conducted a typical training day last month, leaving the airfield with a simple scenario that nevertheless covered some complex tasks.

Category: Defence | Royal Canadian Air Force
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Army runs winter training in Calabogie

– Members exercised skills from basic winter survival and snowmobile skills to skiing down and climbing up the Calabogie Peaks.

Category: Defence
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Canadian Rangers Ocean Watch program assists Arctic research

– Yellowknife, Northwest Territories — Canadian Rangers are assisting the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in gathering data that a DFO report says will offer “unprecedented” views of Arctic waters.

Category: Canadian Army | Defence
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Canadian Rangers tell their story at Ottawa’s Winterlude

– The popular display included a tent showcasing the Ranger’s challenging living conditions as well as some of their specialized equipment.

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34 CBG remembers the 1998 ice storm

– It has been 20 years since the greatest peacetime troop deployment in Canadian history.

Category: Defence