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DT News: Bravo Zulu to the Canadian Rangers of the Pikangikum First Nation

– The Ranger patrol quickly sprang into action when a major forest fire threatened their remote Northern Ontario community.

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Watch a special Defence Team News on flooding in several parts of Canada

– Several CAF members have joined the effort to provide relief to flood-ravaged communities.

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Bringing Light to Our Ordeal

– We were joined by some amazing members of the Canadian Armed Forces this week as we were sandbagging to protect the homes and cottages around our community of Bristol, Quebec. While we were working, my two-year old daughter Amélie was sitting on her own scooping sand. One of the soldiers came over and helped her …

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I want to thank them

– Justine Miller – Constance Bay, Ontario (Originally posted on Facebook – April 28, 2019) So people have been asking me about the picture of my daughter handing a card to the Canadian Armed Forces. I figured I would share the story here. Friday afternoon I picked my two girls up from daycare, Maya – 18 …

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