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For Second Lieutenant Derek Leung, combining studies and soldiering equals success

– London, Ontario — As a Canadian Army (CA) Reservist, Second Lieutenant Derek Leung lives in two very different worlds.

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Army summer employment program produces great experiences

– Ottawa, Ontario – Looking for summer employment that doesn’t involve a cash register or flipping burgers? The Canadian Army Reserve (ARes)’s Full-Time Summer Employment (FTSE) program is a great place to start.

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Ceremonial Guard: an exciting and rewarding summer job!

– Ottawa, Ontario — A position with the Ceremonial Guard (CG) is a great opportunity for a rewarding and unique full-time summer employment experience with a variety of benefits and professional development opportunities.

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Army Padre Colonel Guy Bélisle describes ‘Walking day-to-day with the troops’

– Ottawa, Ontario — Outgoing Canadian Army Command Chaplain Colonel Guy Bélisle’s profound dedication towards his troops as an infantry officer inspired him to pursue a calling as a military chaplain.

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Colonel Lisa Noonan in ‘dream job’ as Director Personnel Generation Requirements

– Ottawa, Ontario —The Canadian Army’s Colonel Lisa Noonan brings more than 30 years of military and human resources experience to her position as Director Personnel Generation Requirements (DPGR).

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