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RCAF space operators certified and awarded space wings in the U.S.

– For the first time ever, RCAF space operators working in the Combined Space Operations Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California have been certified and formally awarded the U.S. Air Force Space Operations Badge.

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RCAF leads Canadian Armed Forces space initiatives

– The Royal Canadian Air Force oversees space capabilities, responsibilities and personnel within the Canadian Armed Forces.

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Grad parade held for Air Reserve Basic Military Qualification Course

– RCAFBy Sara White Colonel Mark Larsen, Director Air Reserve at Royal Canadian Air Force headquarters in Ottawa, congratulated and encouraged graduates from the RCAF Reserve Basic Military Qualification (BMQ) course during their final parade on August 10, 2018. Twenty new Canadian Armed Forces members were part of BMQ Serial 0283, an RCAF Reserve-specific BMQ, which …

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Fire team partners forever

– Aviators Shawna Kelly and Melanie Julien-Foster were assigned as fire team partners at the beginning of their basic military training.

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Two sailors in a class of their own

– By Peter Mallett Two sailors celebrated an academic feat when they graduated from Royal Roads University in Victoria recently, each with their Master’s degree. Donning their dress uniform with graduation cap and gown, the two Royal Canadian Navy Marine Technicians were the only non-commissioned members (NCMs) in their graduating class at the June 12, 2018 …

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Colonel Lisa Noonan in ‘dream job’ as Director Personnel Generation Requirements

– Ottawa, Ontario —The Canadian Army’s Colonel Lisa Noonan brings more than 30 years of military and human resources experience to her position as Director Personnel Generation Requirements (DPGR).

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