A message from Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger, Commander RCAF, and Chief Warrant Officer Denis Gaudreault, RCAF Chief Warrant Officer

A woman writing on a clipboard sits in a lawn chair in front of a house with an open door, while a man standing by a dolly has his hands on the top box in a stack of four, and looks through the open door.
A military couple does final checks of furniture and effects as they’re delivered after a move. A military member’s posting doesn’t only affect her or him; it affects the entire family. The Family Sponsor Program will connect your family with a family already in the area that will welcome you and help you through the challenges that come with a posting. Sponsors are there to answer your questions about the area, and to be friendly faces in a new town. PHOTO: Master Corporal S. R. Tremblay

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Dear RCAF personnel and families,

Posting season is fast approaching. Having gone through many postings, we know that a move can be both exciting and daunting for everyone involved. This is particularly true if it’s your family’s first posting or if you haven’t moved for a few years.

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