Regulation? What regulation?

A news clipping with the headline “Carty family has enviable war record”, showing head-and-shoulders photos of five men.
“Carty Family Has Enviable War Record” This May 19, 1945, newspaper clipping from the Saint John, New Brunswick “Evening Times-Globe” displays the photos of five Carty brothers who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. From left are: Flight Sergeant Adolphus, Flight Sergeant William (Bill), Leading Aircraftman Clyde, Aircraftman 2nd Class Donald and Pilot Officer Donald Carty. Adolphus and Bill joined the non-permanent RCAF in 1939 as non-commissioned members, thereby skirting the regulations that at that time barred Blacks from joining the permanent RCAF or as officers in the non-permanent RCAF. PHOTO:; accessed January 31, 2018.

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In late 1938 and early 1939, having just become independent from the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force received approval from the Federal Cabinet through orders-in-councils to restrict enlistment in the RCAF to those of European origin – in other words, persons whose skin was white.

The RCAF regulations were not, however, complete. While officers in both the Permanent (regular) Force and the Non-Permanent Force had to be white, the same restriction was only applied to airmen of the Permanent Force. The reasons for this discrepancy have not been determined.

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