DT News: Op CARIBBE, the Defence Information Strategy, and Happy holidays from the Defence Team!

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(F) The Canadian Armed Forces contribution to stop illicit drug trafficking in the Caribbean Sea and the Eastern Pacific, otherwise known as operation CARIBBE, completed its fall deployment on December 9th.

(S) This included a CP-140 Aurora with an air detachment of 25 Royal Canadian Air Force members conducting patrols in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

(F) Throughout 2019, the CAF deployed three Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels and two CP-140 Aurora aircraft on the operation. In direct support of the US-led Joint Interagency Task Force South, Canada conducted three interdictions that resulted in the seizure of over 2,600 kilograms of narcotics and shared critical surveillance information that enabled the investigation of suspicious vessels.

A quick reminder that the Defence Information Strategy was unveiled earlier this month.

(S) This strategy will develop new programs to simplify, standardize and modernize information management and IT capabilities across the Defence Team.

(F) By putting this strategy into action, it will help put the full power of timely, trusted, and secure information in the hands of our people, increasing our readiness to tackle the emerging challenges of a complex digital world.

(S) Visit the related links to view the full strategy document.

(F) Well Shelley, the Christmas spirit seems to come alive in everyone this time of year… even some of our Defence Team leaders got together to recite a special Defence rendition of a classic holiday poem:

(CDS Vance) ‘Twas the night before deployment and all through the Forces…

(CWO Guimond) Sailors, soldiers and aviators were doing their courses.

(DM Thomas) Learning the skills to survive and defend…

(S) It’s only any excerpt, but what did you think? To see the full video, visit the related links!

(F) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

(S) We’ll see you in the New Year!

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