DT News: exercise URBAN REAPER and the Remembrance Day Sentry Program

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(Hannah) Members of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group are sharpening their live fire and explosive training skills in an urban environment.

(Julie-Anne) Exercise URBAN REAPER was recently conducted at Camp Adazi in Latvia and Nursipalu, Estonia. This exercise provided dismounted soldiers with training geared towards enhancing the battlegroup’s operational proficiency in urban environments.

(H) Members also took part in explosive breaching demonstrations designed to complement their combat capabilities.

(J) The Canadian-led NATO battlegroup is comprised of several nations, demonstrating strength in the alliance and aiming to prevent conflict and protect stability in the region.

(H) This years’ Veterans’ Week saw hundreds of commemorative ceremonies and events take place across the country and around the world to honour military members past and present.

(J) Six Canadian Armed Forces members and one member of the RCMP were honoured with ceremonial sentry duty during the national Remembrance Day ceremony held in Ottawa.

(H) The Remembrance Day Sentry Program was created in 1998 in order to recognize seven outstanding members for their dedication, professionalism, and performance.

(J) During Veterans’ week, Sentry Program participants also visited Parliament Hill, National Defence Headquarters, the Canadian War Museum, the National Military Cemetery, and the RCMP Musical Ride Stables.

(H) This years’ holiday card contest for the Deputy Minister and Chief of the Defence Staff is now open!

(J) Children of Defence Team members are invited to submit their holiday greeting card designs depicting how our Defence Team members make a difference.

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