DT News: exercise WORTHINGTON CHALLENGE, the Flexible Workplace program, and connecting with other HR services

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(P) Participants from Poland, Denmark, Chile and New Zealand competed alongside the Canadian Armed Forces during exercise WORTHINGTON CHALLENGE 2019, the Canadian Army’s premier mounted warfare competition.

(S) Held at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown in New Brunswick, the event tests participants in areas such as navigation, live fire, first aid triage, combat fitness, small arms, and precision driving.

(P) These collaborative opportunities provide the Canadian Army and their allies a chance to showcase their skills, share lessons-learned, and strengthen interoperability.

(S) The United Kingdom, United States, and Australia also sent observer teams during the exercise.

The Flexible Workplace Program for civilian employees at National Defence has relaunched!

(P) The new, improved, and renamed program focuses specifically on Telework and Compressed Work Weeks. The updates aim to help DND employees work productively and effectively, while encouraging work-life balance and the smart use of technology across the department.

(S) Employees and managers should review revised guidelines carefully and consider whether flexible work may be a good option for them.

To learn more about the program and for additional resources, visit the related links.

Before we go, there are two new ways to connect with civilian HR services.

The HR Connect call centre is available to answer all employees’ and managers’ queries, including pay, staffing, and more at the number below.

(P) You can also get access to civilian HR tools and information on your smart phone by downloading the HR Go app on the Apple and Google Play stores.

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