RCAF remembers the valour of “The Few”

An elderly man, wearing a jacket and tartan tie and a wedge cap, with medals on his jacket, stands behind a podium speaking into microphones.
Major (retired) Des Peters reads the Air Force’s poem “High Flight” during the national Battle of Britain parade held September 15, 2019, at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, Ontario. PHOTO: Aviator Jacob Hanlon, FA01-2019-0008-012 Photo: Avr Jacob Hanlon, Royal Canadian Air Force Public Affairs Imagery FA03-2019-0008-00

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On Sunday, September 15, 2019, Royal Canadian Air Force personnel across Canada gathered to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Britain. In Ottawa, the national ceremony was held at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum on the site of the former Rockcliffe air base.

“Why do we continue to gather here, 79 years later, to honour the aircrew and the groundcrew of the air forces who turned the tide during the Battle of Britain?” asked Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger, commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force, during the national parade. “What difference does it make to our lives today?” Read the rest of the article . . .

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