DT News: CAF personnel recently participated in the gaming event, Dreamhack, and the first IDEaS pop-up city contest has launched!

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(J) Canadian Armed Forces personnel recently participated in a three-day gaming event featuring exhibitions and competitions involving the best gamers in the world who know their way around a digital battlefield.

(N) Known as Dreamhack, the digital festival took place earlier this month at the iconic Olympic Stadium in Montréal. Former Director-General Cyberspace and current Deputy Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Major-General Frances Allen visited the event and met with professional e-sport player and special recruit, Stéphanie “missharvey” Harvey.

(J) The CAF presence included recruiting booths with a focus on Information Technology, a cyber-challenge and a weapons simulator. As a bonus, missharvey led a four-member CAF team through three Counter-Strike demo matches presented live on a giant screen.

(J) The first IDEaS pop-up city contest has launched!

Open until November 1st, the contest calls upon innovators to propose and develop solutions that provide integrated management systems for the CAF’s Relocatable Temporary Camps, or RTCs.

(N) Specifically, this contest is seeking solutions designed to manage the energy, water and waste needs of a 150 to 1,500-person RTC, operating in a temperate climate zone.

Visit the related links for more information or to submit a proposal.

(J) Before we go, a reminder that if you’re a Canadian Armed Forces member who has relocated this summer and requires assistance with finalizing claims, you are encouraged to book an online planning session with BGRS through the Member Secure Website.

(N) Remember to upload all supporting documentation to the website in order to facilitate the finalization process. For more information, visit the related links.

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