60 Seconds with Sgt Matthew Ramsay, Instructor and Linguist on Operation UNIFIER

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Can I get a cheat sheet? You need to infantry proof this thing.

Good afternoon. My name is Sgt Matthew Ramsay of the Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada. I’m here in Ukraine on Op UNIFIER as an instructor and linguist. Here to do the 60 Seconds Challenge.

  1. Alright. Let’s start this. Beard or no beard?

Way too easy. Beard. Better than moustache.

  1. Most interesting part of Op UNIFIER?

…Is getting to meet Ukrainian service men and women and exchange experience with them.

  1. Best Ukrainian meal?

Anything my grandmother cooks.

  1. Most rewarding experience with the Canadian Armed Forces?

…Is definitely, in my opinion, getting to deploy here to Ukraine where my family is from on three separate occasions.

  1. My favourite Ukrainian word?

I must say “day va” which means “give ‘er”.

  1. What movie can you watch over and over again without getting tired of it?

Super Troopers. The first one.

  1. What organizations does Op UNIFIER work with?

Well, I’m very lucky. I get to work with the National Guard of Ukraine. The majority of Op UNIFIER is currently extensively focused on the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  1. Who do you talk to the most on the phone?

At this point, it’s probably my dad.

End time.

Is that okay?

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