DT News: New Response and Support Coordination Program launches, and Exercise MAROON RAIDER

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(R) The Sexual Misconduct Response Centre recently launched its new Response and Support Coordination program to offer enhanced services for CAF members who have experienced sexual misconduct.

(P) CAF members affected by sexual misconduct will now have access to an assigned coordinator, who can provide on-going support and assistance. This coordinator will be available until such time as they no longer require services, withdraw their consent, or transition to civilian services. These Response and Support Coordinators will help members navigate processes, provide information, accompaniment, practical assistance, and more.

(R) To apply for this new program or for more information on the new services available, CAF members can contact the Centre’s 24/7 line at the number below or email the address in the related links.

(P) More than a thousand Canadian Army soldiers, primarily from across the Atlantic provinces, and soldiers from the New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island National Guards, recently gathered for a week-long confirmation exercise.

(R) Conducted at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, Exercise MAROON RAIDER enabled soldiers to prove their skills and maintain a high level of readiness to respond to diverse challenges both at home and abroad.

(P) The exercise was the culmination of the Full-time Summer Employment program, which employs hundreds of part-time soldiers through the Strengthening the Army Reserve initiative.

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