DT News: The inaugural Grey Wolf Indigenous Summer Program and a heads-up on the upcoming NDWCC

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(P) The inaugural Grey Wolf Indigenous Summer Program kicked off last month.

(R) Taking place in Meaford, Ontario, the Grey Wolf program is a 4th Canadian Division summer program which combines military training and Indigenous cultural teachings. Participants are given the opportunity to experience life in the military and benefit from new skills, as well as learn Indigenous values and traditions as taught by Indigenous Elders.

(P) Indigenous people living in Ontario within approximately 75 kilometres from an Army Reserve unit can apply. For more information, visit the related links.

(R) Before we go, a heads-up that the National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign is launching in just a couple of weeks!

(P) The campaign engages the entire Defence Team, striving to make a difference in the lives of those in need. In 2018, this translated into $3.5 million dollars in donations, supporting those impacted by local tornadoes and floods, military-related charities, as well as a multitude of other worthy causes.

(R) Stay tuned for upcoming episodes where we’ll talk more about this year’s campaign. In the meantime, visit the related links for more information.

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