How a service dog can change your life

A woman wearing a military disruptive pattern uniform sits beside a chocolate-coloured Labrador dog. She has her right arm wrapped around the animal.
Corporal Bobbi Springstead and her service dog, Dodger, strike a pose. PHOTO: Master Corporal Alana Morin, NB05-2019-173-04

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22 Wing/Canadian Forces Base North Bay, Ontario, is no stranger to Americans.

It is the home of the Canadian Air Defence Sector, which conducts the North American Aerospace Defence (NORAD) Command mission. For more than 65 years, our partners to the south have been part of the bi-national mission at 22 Wing, and currently, about 30 Americans and 70 dependents call North Bay home.

Now, we can add one more American to the list. He’s a two-year-old Texan weighing 23.5 kilograms – a chocolate Labrador Retriever who goes by the name of Dodger. Read the rest of the article . . .

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