DT News: Register now for the Canada Army Run! Use the promo code ‘DTN’ to save on registration

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(NP) We’re here with the Canada Army Run race director, Major Dave Tischhauser, at the Canadian War Museum, the site of this year’s edition of the run.

Welcome Major.

(Major Tischhauser) Thank you so much.

(NP) So for those who might not be aware, what is the Canada Army Run and who does it support?

(Major Tischhauser) Wow! Canada Army Run, it’s no ordinary race. Since our launch in 2008, we’ve grown and evolved to just an amazing event where Canadians can walk, run or roll side-by-side with members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

We have a 5K, a 10K, a half-marathon event, and in 2018, we had over 20,000 participants. For 2019, our event is taking place on the 22 of September. In addition to promoting health and fitness and of course, Army Esprit de corps, we also are the largest fundraising organization for two official Canadian Armed Forces charities, Support Our Troops and Soldier On.

(NP) So how can interested individuals sign up?

(Major Tischhauser) The best way to sign up is simply going to our website, www.armyrun.ca. We’ve got all kinds of great information there, information on how to register, there’s information on all our different events, including our Commander’s Challenge and Normandy Challenge, as well as how to do fundraising, how to register as a team. But to register specifically, you’ll see on our registration page at the very bottom, there’s a section you can enter a promo code and if our watchers enter DTN in capital letters, for Defence Team News, we’ll give them $5 off registration for any event.

(NP) Excellent.

(NP) And what’s the deadline to register?

(Major Tischhauser) The best time to register is right now. I don’t want to disappoint anybody, our events do sell out, so it’s important to go to our website, www.armyrun.ca, and register right now.

(NP) Great, thanks for being here today with us.

(Major Tischhauser) Thank you so much.

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