8 ACCS on Bold Quest 19.1 in Finland

In a darkened room, people wearing disruptive pattern uniforms look at images and charts displayed on computer and wall screens.
RCAF Air Task Force members from 8 Air Communication and Control Squadron and 51 Aerospace Control and Warning Squadron process and disseminate digital target information and full-motion video to partner nations. PHOTO: Major David Green, Ex BQ 2019 Finland 8 ACCS-3

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The Royal Canadian Air Force’s 8 Air Communication and Control Squadron welcomed home its Tactical Aerospace Management Detachment from Exercise Bold Quest 19.1 after deploying equipment and 11 personnel to Sodankylä, Finland.

The exercise was hosted by the Finnish Defence Forces in Rovajärvi and Rovaniemi, in the Lapland region, as well as at Rissala airfield in central Finland, and the southern towns of Riihimäki and Turku. A total of 2,200 people from 16 nations participated, from North America and Europe to as far away as the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and New Zealand. Read the rest of the article . . .

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