What IS that RCAF bird called?

A large grey helicopter, with a main rotor and a smaller tail rotor, in flight.
This CH-148 Cyclone displays its registration or tail number—consisting of three digits (148) representing the type of aircraft (Cyclone) plus three digits (823) identifying this particular airframe—on the tail fin. The 823 is also painted on the helicopter’s nose. The Cyclone is taking off from Fredericton International Airport in New Brunswick after refuelling on March 28, 2019. PHOTO: Corporal Genevieve Lapointe, GN04-2019-PA016-013

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That huge Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) aircraft carrying equipment and troops… Is it a C-17? Is it a C-177? Or is it a CC-177?

And that fighter jet over there… Is it an F-18, a CF-18 or a CF-188?

Occasionally confusion crops up about the alpha-numerical designation of RCAF aircraft. In many cases, the uncertainty arises because the manufacturer’s designation and the Canadian military designations are similar…. but different. Read the rest of the article . . .

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