418 Squadron flies again

A round crest with a crown above and a ribbon below on which the word PIYAUTAILILI is written. At the centre of the round crest is the image of an Inuit person holding a harpoon and around this image is a circle with the words 418 SQUADRON 418 ESCADRON.
The badge of 418 Search and Rescue Operational Training Squadron depicts an Inuit person on an ice-floe, holding a harpoon. This symbolizes the function of the unit, which stood on guard on Canada's northern frontiers. The ice, with its reflections, symbolizes the northland. The squadron’s motto is PIYAUTAILILI (Defend even unto death). IMAGE: DND

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The Royal Canadian Air Force’s 418 Squadron has been reformed as a search and rescue operational training unit. And now 418 Search and Rescue Operational Training Squadron has a commanding officer—Lieutenant-Colonel Derek Jeffers. Read the rest of the article . . .

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