DM’s Canada Day Vlog

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Hello.  Today we’re celebrating Canada’s birthday.

Canada Day is such a spectacular way of talking about celebrating and embracing being Canadians. And for those of us in the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces, I think it means just a little bit more.

We are so proud of the work we do. The work is so integral to who we are as a country that if you can, if you’re not working, you’re not deployed, you’re not on watch somewhere, hopefully, you can get out and celebrate what it means to be Canadian and what you do to make this country great.

If you are deployed, to families left behind, think of your family members today, understand that what they’re doing is important and that we appreciate what they’re doing. And hopefully, you can take a little bit of time for yourself to celebrate and enjoy Canada, the great weather, the great nature and everything that it is to be Canadian.

Thank you very much. Happy Canada Day.

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