DT News: celebrating Canada Day with Chief Warrant Officer Alain Guimond on Parliament Hill

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(S) Happy Canada Day everyone! We’re here with the Canadian Armed Forces Chief Warrant Officer Alain Guimond on Parliament Hill in the Nation’s capital celebrating Canada’s 152nd birthday.


(CWO) Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for having me.

(S) So, what does Canada Day mean to you?

(CWO) It’s very simple. Wearing that uniform for 36 years right now, it means that for us, people in the uniform, it’s the day that we have the opportunity to celebrate and to connect with the Canadian population.

(S) And what does serving Canada mean to you?

(CWO) Well, serving Canada for me is very important. You know, we serve Canada abroad and in Canada also and you know, this is a wonderful country. And this is why, when we sign to join, we want to serve our country and we also want to serve for the right values and also the interest of that great country.

(S) Be sure to also catch the annual CF-18 Demo Team and Snowbirds flyby over Parliament Hill as part of the National Capital ceremonies. The HMCS Oriole will be in Toronto at the Redpath Waterfront Festival as part of the Great Lakes Deployment. The ship will be open to visitors, and the public will get the chance to tour Canada’s oldest commissioned vessel in the Royal Canadian Navy, and also the longest serving commissioned ship.

Thanks so much for being here, Chief Warrant Officer Guimond.

(CWO) Well, thank you very much for having me. It is a pleasure. And to conclude, I just want to say, on behalf of the Chief of the Defence Staff and myself, I wish all Canadians a Happy Canada Day.

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