Deputy Minister’s Vlog: 2019 Student Event

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If you’re new, welcome. If you’re back, welcome back.

You’re joining the largest team in the federal government. A team of 24 000 civilian employees working all across Canada, 120 000 of us in total, including the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves and Cadets and Rangers. A team whose job it is to make sure that the Canadian Armed Forces has everything it needs to do its job.

And to do this, we are guided, as we said, by Canada’s Defence policy Strong, Secure, Engaged. You’ll be hearing a lot about this policy during your time at DND. And that’s because it’s not just a slogan, it’s not just a piece of paper we don’t refer to, it’s not another thing that just sits on a shelf, it is what guides everything.

We look to you and we want you in this department. Because you bring a range of experiences, ideas and perspectives to the Defence Team. Perspectives that push us forward.

This is incredibly important: we want your input. We want your ideas. We’re always looking for ways to modernize the department and the Canadian Armed Forces.

You know, students make lots of mistakes because you’re young. You’re supposed to make mistakes. That’s part of learning.

Know, unlike any other department in this country, the work you do makes a difference for Canadians, our safety, our security, our reputation for Canadian Armed Forces members every single day. What we do, what you’re about to do, matters.

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