Three additional cannabis products soon to be legal: What you need to know

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The Government of Canada has announced the final regulations for the sale and production of three soon-to-be-legal cannabis products.

The cannabis products include:

  • edible cannabis, such as baked goods and beverages; 
  • cannabis extracts, such as vaping liquids, tinctures, wax, rosin, hash, and resin, as well as cannabis oil (which becomes part of the cannabis extracts products); and 
  • cannabis topicals, such as creams, soaps and products that are meant to be applied to skin, hair, or nails. 

The sale of edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis topicals comes into effect on October 17, 2019. Legal products will appear gradually in stores no earlier than mid-December 2019. 

Studies indicate it may take much longer to feel the effects of cannabis when eating or drinking it rather than inhaling and that the effects may also last longer. Health Canada provides guidelines for the proper and safe use of cannabis, and is also a trusted source of information about the impact of cannabis on both physical and mental health.

To ensure that the Canadian military remains a fit, deployable, and effective force, recreational cannabis consumption by a Canadian Armed Forces member is prohibited during the entire period of the member’s working day or shift, during the entire period the member is serving on a domestic operation, and eight hours before any duty, among other restrictions. Complete details of the prohibitions in place for recreational cannabis consumption for Canadian Armed Forces members can be found in the DAOD 9004-1, Use of Cannabis by CAF members.

Civilian members of the Defence Team are reminded that impairment in the workplace is not tolerated, and that they must refrain from using recreational cannabis eight hours prior to regular duty performance, among other restrictions. Complete details can be found in the DAOD 2007-2, Use of Cannabis by DND Employees.

For the latest details on the legalization of cannabis edibles, organizational policies, impacts on health and travel, and other cannabis-related resources, visit the Cannabis: What you need to know intranet page. Additional information can also be found on the Government of Canada’s Cannabis in Canada web page.

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