HR GO RH is here!

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You’re on the go. Maybe you work on the shop floor of an aircraft hangar. Or maybe you’re a student with questions about your pay.  HR-Civ’s HR GO RH new smartphone app will offer you the convenience you need when you don’t have a computer! 

With HR GO RH, accessing civilian HR information and tools will soon be as easy as opening a banking app or ordering an Über on your phone.

Designed with input from Defence Team members, HR GO RH puts civilian HR information and tools at your fingertips. It is the first of its kind in the federal government.

The first version of the app features information on pay, leave, and hiring a student or a casual – additional tools and information will be added through regular updates, so you’ll want to keep this app handy.

HR GO RH is available for Apple iOS, and Android – visit your device’s app store and download it today.  

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