DT News: Exercise TRADEWINDS 2019 and the HR-Go mobile app

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(S) The Canadian Armed Forces took part in important training alongside 22 other partner nations on Exercise TRADEWINDS.

(C) The U.S.-led land and maritime exercise focused on strengthening safety and security in Caribbean regions like the Dominican Republic, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

(S) Now in its 35th year, we spoke to some of the participants about this annual exercise.

(SH) For Canada, this is an incredibly important activity, we get to partner with our nations in a region that is often afflicted by humanitarian disasters, a hurricane season and so forth, and Canada has responded to this region before, and by working with our partners, we set the conditions to be able to do that in a more expeditious manner on an ongoing basis.

(AA) This truly helps our country, as well as all other countries, in sharing different ideologies. And even though we might practice some things, we do get the opportunity to learn so much more from our fellow co-workers and colleagues.

(C) Before we go, the department recently launched the HR-Go mobile app, a better, smarter, faster digital tool to help civilian employees and military managers of civilian employees connect to a suite of human resources information and services on their smartphones.

(S) The app is now available on the Apple and Google Play stores and additional features will be added on an ongoing basis.

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