It’s a family affair – DG Cyber Fathers #MyCAFDad


As Father’s day approaches, we once again have the opportunity to honour one of our own Director General Cyber (DG Cyber) fathers who triumphs as a parent in the military.

Captain Nashed Youssef joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2016. After only two years, he completed a tour of Iraq as well as served as junior project officer with DGIMPD and Staff officer for DG Cyber. He is also the proud father to a young son.

Although it can be challenging, Capt Youssef believes being a father with a military career is a viable option in today’s world. The young father was quick to note, “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”.

Often, children in military families have a hard time understanding why their parent is away for long periods of time. This type of situation can create problems for a family. One of the support services that can help families in this situation is the Family Resource Centre. It provides the peace of mind that, whether away on training or deployment, your family will have the support they need if this sort of challenge arises.

The CAF support services are about timely and efficient action. Capt Youssef believes the availability of these services along with open lines of communication regarding work-life balance have allowed him to thrive as a parent in the military.

Despite the challenges they face, life for families in the military is extremely rewarding. Capt Youssef’s experience shows the best way to achieve balance between military and family life is to have a clear understanding of your priorities. You must also familiarize yourself with your support service and commit to a clear daily plan.

We wish Capt Youssef and all IM Group fathers a very happy Father’s Day

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