DT News: the HOPE Program, new bullet catchers, and #MyCAFDad

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To volunteer or receive support, contact 1-800-883-6094 or HOPE-ESPOIR@forces.gc.ca


(C) The HOPE program provides assistance to families who have lost a loved one in the Canadian Armed Forces.

(S) A workshop for the program recently took place in Ottawa where we spoke to one of the volunteers to learn more.

(CW) So the HOPE Program was developed in 2006 after some of the military family members had lost their loved ones in Afghanistan. And they reached out and said “we would like to speak to others who have lost somebody”. So through that, in 2006 the program was developed and here it is thirteen years later still going strong with many volunteers who have been trained to speak to others.

We are not professionals, we are just people that have gone through the grief program and we offer this to everyone who has lost someone in the military.

I was invited to become part of the program and for the last seven years I’ve been doing the same, by making phone calls to others and helping them through their grief journey.

(S) An innovative new product is coming to Canadian bases near you thanks to Defence Research and Development Canada.

The Valcartier team recently developed an innovative device used to catch bullets on the firing range. These bullet catchers stop the spread of chemicals emitted from ammunition into the local soil and water sources.

(C) The project was a collaboration between DRDC Valcartier, the Canadian Armed Forces, Defence Construction Canada, and researchers at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique.

Stay tuned for the final design of the bullet catcher, expected to be completed this year.

Before we go, help us celebrate Fathers’ Day by showcasing the Dad in your life.

(S) Whether it’s a dad in uniform or civilian, it’s a great opportunity to promote their achievements and how their efforts support CAF mission success.

(C) Visit the related links to submit a photo of your father-figure using the hashtag #MyCAFDad.

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