RCAF commander visits 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron

Five men in military uniforms talk while standing around a table covered with a sheet of glass, under which are documents.
Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger, commander of the RCAF (right), and Chief Warrant Officer Denis Gaudreault, RCAF command chief warrant officer (third from the right), visit the flight planning room at 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, based in Saint-Hubert, Quebec. They are accompanied by Major François Lachance-Morin, operations officer (left), Major Stéphane St-Onge, acting commanding officer of the squadron, and Master Warrant Officer Daniel McCutcheon, acting chief warrant officer of the squadron (rear). PHOTO: Corporal Laura Landry

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Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger and Chief Warrant Officer Denis Gaudreault, commander and command chief warrant officer, respectively, of the Royal Canadian Air Force, travelled to 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron’s Molson Hangar in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, on May 8, 2019, to present the new door gunner badge to qualified unit members. Read the rest of the article . . .

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