Canadian Armed Forces recognizes Canada’s Top Employers of Reservists!

Major-General Frances Allen, Deputy Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, speaks at the Canadian Forces Liaison Council Awards Ceremony at Cartier Square Drill Hall on May 9th, 2019. Photo Credit: Corporal Lisa Fenton Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) Imaging Services © 2019 DND-MDN Canada SU06-2019-0329-002


Over the last two years civilian employers and educators from across Canada went above and beyond in supporting their reservist-employees and students. Recognition of their incredible support was highlighted over the last four months because without it, reservists would not be able to balance their civilian and military careers, family life, and education.

Starting in January, the Canadian Forces Liaison Council (CFLC) held a series of awards ceremonies dedicated to thanking outstanding business and educational institutions who have shown exceptional support to the military, one of the most common show of support was by allowing reservists to take a leave of absence for military service. This unwavering support is vital to the health of our Defence Team.

Over 400 organizations were nominated by reservists, and they will each receive a certificate of appreciation. CFLC National Chair Mr. Scott Shepherd was excited to recognize such a large number of supportive Canadian employers.
“We are so glad to see that employers and educators from across the country are making an effort to support their reservist students and employees, and are happy to facilitate these well-deserved awards. It’s great to see all the work the council has put in over the years pay off in such a huge way,” he said.

Their support came in many forms, including allowing time off for training and deployment, making academic accommodations for reservist-students, and providing financial support while they are away on military duty.

The top nominations were selected by provincial and territorial awards selection committees, and over 130 organizations were honoured individually at provincial ceremonies over the last four months. There was also a National Awards ceremony in Ottawa on 9 May, where awards were presented to the most supportive employers and educators in the country.

During the provincial and territorial ceremonies this year, the CAF recognized institutions as large as Auto Financial Group Canada and Great-West Life Insurance, and as small as your local dry cleaner and Montessori school. Organizations from both the public and private sectors received awards, as well as educational institutions from elementary schools to colleges and universities.

“We are incredibly grateful for the volume and diversity of supportive employers and educators who were nominated,” said Major-General MacKenzie, Chief of Reserves and Employer Support. “They all play a critical role in helping reservists balance their demanding civilian lives with their military careers, which ultimately leads to a stronger and more engaged Canadian Armed Forces.”

The employer and educator support demonstrated for Canadian reservists has been exceptional, and the CFLC is proud to recognize such a wide range of institutions at these awards ceremonies. As a council dedicated to supporting and advocating for reservists, the CFLC is keen to highlight the importance of reservist support among employers and educational leaders, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to thank the top supporters with these awards.

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