DT News: Pride season and also the Navy Bike Ride is upon us!

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(K) Pride season is upon us. The Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces are encouraging Defence Team members of all backgrounds to participate in upcoming Pride events.

If you are a military member, you are encouraged to participate in uniform‎ and join contingents forming to celebrate and mark this special time of the year.

(N) A graphics toolkit is available on the Director of Human Rights and Diversity intranet page for those looking to promote local events in their region‎.

(K) Hey Nicole, you’re signed up for the Navy Bike Ride right?

(N) No, I haven’t gotten the chance! Is it too late to sign-up?

(K) No, you’re in luck. You have until 8:00am Eastern time on race day to register for the main ride taking place in the National Capital Region.

You can click on the related links to register.

You can also find shadow rides in regions across Canada on the Navy Bike Ride website.

(N) All proceeds from the Ride go towards the Support Our Troops Fund and the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund, so sign up now!

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