Summer Driving Safety


With summer right around the corner, it is important to acknowledge the multiple dangers related to driving throughout the next season. There are many factors that make the upcoming months some of the most hazardous concerning accidents and injuries involving motorized vehicles. So what makes summer driving so dangerous?

First of all, summer vacations and days off upsurge traffic and road congestion, causing difficult driving conditions that ultimately lead to an increase in collisions and accidents. While planning your itinerary, anticipate congestion by calculating supplementary travel time to reduce stress.

If you are planning a long road trip, don’t underestimate your basic needs and make sure to halt in order to eat and sleep when needed. Also, remember to beware of tire blowouts; hot weather begets air expansion inside of tires causing well-worn wheels to puncture. Inspect your tires regularly and make sure to have a valid roadside assistance insurance in case of an emergency.

Furthermore, sunny weather comes hand in hand with the increase of construction and maintenance zones. Be cautious for workers and their equipment when passing through designated areas. Sharing the road also becomes a priority for drivers in the summer since cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians flood the streets when the temperature allows it.

Finally, you can avoid driving behaviors such as distracted and impaired driving as well as speeding to promote safe driving all year long. Don’t use your cellphone while driving and make sure to take advantage of taxicab services if you are under the influence. Remember; avoid useless risks, drive safely and enjoy your summer!

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