D-Day: The RCAF and Coastal Command

Six men wearing military uniforms and life jackets walk toward the camera, away from a large twin-propeller aircraft.
The first 407 “Demon” Squadron crew to take to the air on D-Day consisted of (from left) Sergeant C.T. Bryan, Sergeant J. Smith, Flying Officer I. Hoffman, Flying Officer Corrigan, Flying Officer M.N. Gilchrist and Pilot Officer E. Bowler. PHOTO: DND Archives, PL-33323

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During the Second World War, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) provided six squadrons to serve with Royal Air Force (RAF) Coastal Command. Of those, five were directly involved in D-Day operations, although for most of the squadrons the actual invasion day saw little contact with the enemy. Formed on May 8, 1941, 407 “Demon” Squadron was the fourth RCAF squadron formed overseas and the second to join Coastal Command. Late on D-Day, the squadron launched two of its Wellington aircraft from its base at Chivenor, Devon. Of the two aircraft . . . Read the rest of the article . . .

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