New CFHA Online Interactive Map!

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The Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA) has just launched a new Portfolio Explorer Interactive Map application. This new technology is an internal tool used by all CFHA employees across the 27 bases/wings in order to create imagery of their asset locations, and was designed with collaboration in mind, whether that be with future CFHA occupants or CFHA stakeholders.

The Portfolio Explorer Interactive Map Application will be used to show the availability of housing on a given street with specific family housing preferences (ex. number of bathrooms or house style). The application can also:

• search any address or Property Registration Information Number (PRIN)
• show assets with a given building criteria, including condition
• show garages, barrier-free / accessible units, or site boundary (for when working with RP Ops or the Base, or the municipality)
• choose imagery and/or level of map detail
• Housing Service Centre staff can now draw directly on the map (no more cutting and pasting images to drawing tools)

Along with this new internal tool for the agency, CFHA is also getting ready to launch a mobile workstations (tablets) pilot in the field. The goal is to have for CFHA technicians be able to input information directly into the Portfolio Explorer right from the base/wing they are working from. Having such an innovative tool allows CFHA to continue their goal of creating the best customer experience for Canadian Armed Forces members (CAF) and their families. CFHA looks forward to sharing the results and lessons learned around the Interactive map and the pilot project with their stakeholders.

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