The Spring 2019 Your Say Survey is currently live!


The Your Say Survey informs Senior Leaders on a variety of topics, including member well-being and opinions on policies, procedures and programs in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). The results provide CAF leadership with important input to help inform decisions about policies and programs.

Questions in this year’s spring survey include topics such as: leadership, pay and benefits, satisfaction with postings, satisfaction with your military career, well-being, and military career intentions.

The survey has been sent to approximately 9,000 Regular Force and Primary Reservists. We encourage you to share your valuable views and opinions by completing the survey if you receive a link to it.

See below for some highlights from the Spring 2017 Your Say Survey.

Questions about the Your Say Survey can be addressed to Carina Daugherty, Defence Scientist in Director General Military Personnel Research and Analysis (DGMPRA) at

This research has been approved by the DND/CAF Social Science Research Review Board (SSRRB) in accordance with DAOD 5062-0 and 5062-1. The SSRRB Approval # is 1819/19N.

Highlights from the Spring 2017 Your Say Survey:

Of the invited members, 3,558 completed the Spring 2017 Your Say Survey (overall response rate of 35%). Here are some highlights of results:

  • 56% of members agreed that their pay and benefits are fair for the work they do (55% Regular Force, 57% Primary Reserve).
  • 72% of Regular Force members have been happy with their postings.
  • Roughly ¾ of members were satisfied with the leadership provided by their immediate supervisor (73% Regular Force, 78% Primary Reserve).
  • 56% of Regular Force members and 69% of Primary Reservists reported high job satisfaction.
  • 49% of Regular Force members and 66% of Primary Reservists reported high intentions to stay in the military.
  • 53% of Regular Force members and 63% of Primary Reservists reported a low-to-moderate level of work and family conflict.
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