60 Seconds with Brigadier-General Joe Paul, Commander 4th Canadian Division and Joint Task Force (Central)

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That’s it! Oh la la! What did I miss? Does it make sense?

Hi, kwe, bonjour. I am Brigadier-General Joe Paul. I’m the commanding officer of 4th Canadian Div.

So, today, we will take, I guess, the 60 seconds challenge.

  1. What has been your biggest challenge?

Leading my battle group in combat in Kandahar.

  1. If you were not in the Canadian Armed Forces, what would you want to do?

Go back to teaching history.

  1. Maple Leafs, Blue Jays or Grey Wolves?

Grey Wolves.

  1. What would you tell a recruit on his first day of training?

Never give up and you’re the greatest team.

  1. Who was your inspiration, and why?

My parents, because they have been resilient.  They have always known how to overcome the various challenges they’ve faced.

  1. What is the best advice you have ever received?

“Joe, stop worrying about it.”

  1. What advice would you give to an Indigenous person who is thinking about joining the Canadian Armed Forces?

You’ve just joined a big family, and you don’t have to give up your identity.

  1. What was your first job?

I worked for the Conseil de la bande de la Nation Huronne-Wendat, on a cultural project.

(Off-screen) Time’s up!

Too long?

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