60 Seconds with Boatswain David Inglangasuk, HMCS Regina, 2017 RAVEN Graduate

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What is the only thing you’ve done with the Navy that would surprise your friends?

Work with C4 explosives.

My name is David Inglangasuk. I’m from Inuvik, Northwest Territories. I’m a previous RAVEN graduate of 2017. I’m currently a boatswain aboard HMCS Regina and I’m here to take the 60 seconds challenge.

  1. What made you decide to join the RAVEN program?

There were several recruiters that came to my hometown back in 2016 and they talked about all the different Aboriginal entry programs like CFAEP, Bold Eagle, RAVEN and Black Bear. And I chose RAVEN because Navy… I decided I wanted to travel the world.

  1. What is the only thing you learned about yourself during the RAVEN training?

I learned that… I found myself that I’m actually a pretty good leader, hard worker.

  1. What aspect of military lifestyle most appeal to you?

The training. I really enjoy the training within the military lifestyle.

  1. What do you miss most about home?

The snow.

  1. How would your shipmates describe you?


  1. If you were asked to name Canada’s next level vessel, what name would you choose?

HMCS Tommy Prince.

  1. If you made a poster for the RAVEN program, what would you write as a slogan?

Cunning as a raven.

  1. Who do you look up the most and why?

My father. He was a great role model through my childhood, my teenage years and my adult life.

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