DT News: Exercise ARROWHEAD RESPONSE and a new Administrative Response Centre

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(KS) Army Reservists from across Southwestern Ontario were called to action to assist local authorities in the Ottawa area during flood relief efforts while conducting a domestic emergency response exercise.

Reservists were called to action while conducting exercise ARROWHEAD RESPONSE, which took place in London, Chatham, Woodstock and Hanover, Ontario.

Specifically focused on crises like natural disasters or industrial accidents, the call for help diverted many of the soldiers taking part in the training to do the real thing.  This allowed for a quick reaction time for teams prepared to help flood-ravaged communities.

These Reservists joined up with Joint Task Force Central, who were already engaged in the effort. Headquartered in Toronto, this task force is one of six regional CAF groups situated in key locations across the country to conduct continental operations.

(S) Chief Military Personnel started a trial launch of a new Administrative Response Centre at Canadian Forces Base Borden on May 10th.

This centre will provide streamlined approaches for Defence personnel to support Canadian Armed Forces members and their families by addressing administrative questions, concerns, and informal complaints related to Military Personnel Command policy.

You can reach the centre by phone at 1-833-445-1182 or at the email in the related links.

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