Moms and music

Seven people wearing military tunics and RCAF tartan kilts stand in a row behind a bass drum; five of them hold bagpipes.
Three mothers from the 12 Wing Pipes and Drums, Shearwater, Nova Scotia, celebrate Mother’s Day their kids, who also play in the band. From left: Drummer Ainsley MacDonald, Pipe Major Katie Buckland, Piper Heather Stone, Piper Alexander Stone, Master Warrant Officer Karen MacLean, Piper Calum MacKinnon, and Master Corporal Bhreagh MacDonald. PHOTO: Aviator Olivia Mainville, SW14-2019-0153-002

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The military is big on traditions, and fostering this history is part of the role of military Pipes and Drums. For many generations, passing on the traditions of playing the pipes or the drums was common from father to son. This Mother’s Day, we would like to acknowledge three mothers in the 12 Wing Pipes and Drums band from Shearwater, Nova Scotia, who have passed on these traditions to their sons and daughters. Read the rest of the article . . .

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