The Deputy Minister’s Vlog: Mental Health Week

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We need to take care of our teams. We need to make sure that people feel supported at work and in their personal lives as well.

That’s especially important when people hit rough patches in their lives, as we all do at some point.

We need to make sure we look beyond the obvious and beyond the physical. And I’m talking obviously about mental health. And it’s something we’re finally talking about more openly in our work places.

We tend to understand a lot more about physical health and illness than we do about mental health. But it is critical that we treat the two equally and as one and the same. When someone has a broken leg, we send him to the doctor. When someone has a cold, we beg him to stay home. And that’s largely selfish because we don’t want to catch his cold, but we don’t do the same with people when they’re struggling with their mental wellness.

Taking care of a mental health is just as important, but we’re not good at it, as we need to be at recognizing what it looks like, especially in the work place.

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