Bringing Light to Our Ordeal

A CAF member helping 2-year old Amélie fill a sandbag; holding a bag open for her and showing her how to fill it up.

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We were joined by some amazing members of the Canadian Armed Forces this week as we were sandbagging to protect the homes and cottages around our community of Bristol, Quebec. While we were working, my two-year old daughter Amélie was sitting on her own scooping sand. One of the soldiers came over and helped her along, holding a bag open for her and showing her how to fill it up.

She was so happy, and he was so incredibly kind to her. All of the military men and women were wonderful with the kids, offering the children high fives and tours of the inside of the tanks. They worked alongside them with so much kindness and patience. It brought so much light to the ordeal, and is an experience none of us will ever forget! We are so grateful to all of them!

Truly, I can’t say enough about the assistance we received this week. We could not have been successful saving our church and many of our homes and cottages without the help of the Canadian Armed Forces, but more than that, there was a camaraderie and unity – we were working together towards a common goal. That connection, that support, that hand of friendship that was extended during such a difficult time made what felt insurmountable feel possible.

This photo makes me smile every time I look at it!

Alina Seguin-Holmes

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