Voluntary occupation transfer for untrained personnel


Canadian Armed Forces members who are untrained in their current occupation and interested in an occupation transfer are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the newly released CANFORGEN 055/19.

The voluntary occupation transfer campaign for untrained officers and non-commissioned members is aimed at all military members who have not completed training in their current occupation and wish to change their occupation.

The 2019-20 campaign will start on April 30, 2019. Interested members can choose a maximum of three occupations and must be willing to accept an offer to any of the desired occupations listed on their application form. As a minimum, all applicants must have attained the following:

  • Achieved their Basic Military Qualification or Basic Military Officer Qualification
  • Be untrained in their current occupation
  • Meet the entry standards for the desired occupation(s)
  • Hold a valid medical category for the desired occupation(s)
  • Hold a valid Force Test, and any other applicable physical fitness standards required for certain occupations
  • Not be under remedial measures

CANFORGEN 055/19 contains additional information related to eligibility, applicable deadlines, required documents and additional criteria.

The operational success of the Canadian Armed Forces depends on our ability to generate and maintain a large, skilled, and volunteer force to meet a broad range of tasks at home and abroad. Providing a fulfilling career to our members in uniform is also a fundamental consideration in how the Canadian Armed Forces manages military personnel. This is why members are provided with the opportunity to voluntarily change their occupation in the early stages of their career, where possible.

Members willing to go through the voluntary occupation transfer process must first notify their chain of command of their intention to apply so that their unit can initiate the administrative process. Units and applicants are encouraged to contact their local Personnel Selection Officer should they have any questions.

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