DT News: the Battle of the Atlantic and resources for responding to sexual misconduct

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(P) May 5th will mark the anniversary of the longest continuous battle of the Second World War; the Battle of the Atlantic.

The battle claimed 1,990 sailors and members from the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service – known as Wrens – as well as 33 vessels from the RCN. The Royal Canadian Air Force saw the loss of more than 900 Air Crew.

Commemorative events will be held across the country to pay tribute to the brave men and women who fought and sacrificed for Canada during this battle.

If there’s no ceremony in your area, the Halifax ceremony will be livestreamed on the Royal Canadian Navy’s Facebook page.

(S) The CAF recently released a new suite of materials which clearly define sexual misconduct and provide commanding officers with direction and guidance to respond appropriately when incidents are reported.

These products were developed in support of Operation HONOUR and in cooperation with the Sexual Misconduct Response Centre. Feedback from CAF personnel, who have had on-the-ground experience addressing sexual misconduct and supporting people in their commands, was reflected in these materials.

Visit the related links to access and learn more about these products or to give comments and feedback for improvement.

(P) Before we go, a reminder that Mental Health Week begins May 6th.

(S) Look for events and activities in your area to help us ‘Get Loud about what mental health really is’. For more information, visit the related links.

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