DT News: Op CARIBBE and the CAF Physical Performance Strategy, known as BALANCE

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(P) HMCS Yellowknife and Whitehorse recently deployed on Operation CARIBBE, Canada’s ongoing contribution to deter illicit drug trafficking through the eastern Pacific Ocean.

In addition to conducting searches and training with American and Mexican counterparts, the deployment allowed the vessels to conduct other activities in the region as well.

(S) HMCS Yellowknife deployed an Argo float to gather and transmit data on temperature, salinity, and velocity levels of the upper ocean for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Both HMCS Yellowknife and Whitehorse also came to the aid of wildlife in the area. The vessels saved seven sea turtles from entanglement in fishing nets and other ocean debris.

Bravo Zulu to both crews for their work on this operation.

(P) Before we go, check the recently launched Canadian Armed Forces’ Physical Performance Strategy, known as BALANCE.

The goal of this tool is to better promote a culture of fitness and improve the physical performance of CAF members.

(S) Visit the related link or your local Personnel Support Programs office to learn more.

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