I want to thank them

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Justine Miller – Constance Bay, Ontario

(Originally posted on Facebook – April 28, 2019)

So people have been asking me about the picture of my daughter handing a card to the Canadian Armed Forces. I figured I would share the story here.

Friday afternoon I picked my two girls up from daycare, Maya – 18 months, and Rylee — 3 and a half years old. On the way home we passed police, firefighters, and the big army vehicles with the forces. Rylee looked in amazement and asked who they are. I told her that Constance Bay is flooding, and they’re here to help us. She was silent for a moment before finally saying “I want to thank them”.

Saturday morning Rylee went to her dance class, and coming home saw the Army on our street, Baillie, on the way home. She reiterated to me that she wanted to thank them. When we got home she got changed into her clothes and we made a thank you card.

I could explain the rest, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

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Shared with permission.

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