DT News: We speak with the Director of the upcoming Navy Bike Ride and highlight the work of Defence scientists in Resolute, Nunavut


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(N) In this episode we speak with the Director of the upcoming Navy Bike Ride…

(LN) …and see how Defence scientists are conducting research on cold weather injuries and shelter systems.

(N) On June 8th, the Royal Canadian Navy will host the third annual Navy Bike Ride.

We recently spoke with event director, Commander Gord Roy, to learn more about this upcoming ride.

(GR) The Navy Bike Ride is a nationwide event, both here in the NCR and at Naval Reserve Divisions across the country. It’s meant for our sailors to reach out to the community, raise awareness for fitness and of course, get some money in for our charities, the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund and Support Our Troops.

Anyone can participate in the Navy Bike Ride, it’s not a race, it’s a fun event in your local community, bring out your family, if you’re just starting out, bring out your trailers, your seats, your tricycles, this is a fun event for everyone to get together, enjoy the nice weather and get the cycling season started.

Early-bird pricing ends on the 15th of May, so be sure to sign up before then, if not, you can still register two days before the event which will occur on the 8th of June.

Anyone can sign up at www.navybikeride.ca. Click on the red button that says ‘Participate’. Sign-up is easy. We hope to see you come out!

(LN) As part of Operation NANOOK-NUNALIVUT in Resolute, Nunavut, Defence Research and Development Canada scientists recently conducted field work on extreme cold weather conditions related to CAF operations.

Building on the data collected from past Joint Arctic Experiments, scientists looked at a number of different factors such as health risks, including cold weather injuries, shelter systems, and energy and power systems for deployments in Canada’s Arctic.

Scientists also monitored body temperatures for Royal Canadian Navy Divers, Canadian Army Divers, as well as international military divers.

The data obtained will be vital to improving the conditions for CAF personnel and success of operations in austere environments.

(N) Before we go, help us celebrate Mothers’ Day 2019 by showcasing the #MyCAFmom in your life.

Mothers stand as leaders in the community, and in the Defence Team.

(LN) Moms are members of the Canadian Armed Forces or civilians, and they bring diverse perspectives to our organization.

Visit the related links and submit a photo of your CAF mom.

(N) That’s it for us. Thank you so much for watching. See you next time…

(LN)…for Defence Team News!

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