RCAF technicians make a winning impression at aerospace maintenance competition

Seven people wearing Canadian disruptive pattern military uniforms, flanked by a person wearing a different disruptive pattern uniform and a person in civilian clothes, stand in a row on a stage.
The team from 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron, located in Winnipeg, took second place overall in the military category at the Aerospace Maintenance Competition, held April 8-11, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia. PHOTO: Major Holly-Anne Brown

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Royal Canadian Air Force air maintenance technicians know all about pressure.

They know that Canadian Armed Forces’ readiness and the ability to delivery air power whenever and wherever required depends heavily on their ability to maintain RCAF aircraft so that they are ready to deploy on operations at a moment’s notice.

This April, the RCAF notched up that pressure by sending five teams—more than 30 personnel—to Atlanta, Georgia, for four days to compete in the annual Aerospace Maintenance Competition, sponsored by the Aerospace Maintenance Council.

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