DT News visits Ex SCOTTISH DEFENDER as part of the ExecuTrek Program and gets cooking on Ex MAROON CHEF

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(N) In this episode, we visit exercise SCOTTISH DEFENDER as part of the ExecuTrek Program…

(LN) …and get cooking on Exercise MAROON CHEF.

(N) Last month’s exercise SCOTTISH DEFENDER took place in Meaford, Ontario. The combat-readiness exercise was aimed at live fire training on a variety of weaponry.

During the exercise, a select group of Reservist employers, educators, and military family members payed a visit as part of the ExecuTrek Program.

Here’s Canadian Armed Forces Liaison Council Representative, Lieutenant-Colonel Bruce Mair to tell us more.

(BM) A lot of people don’t understand what it is an Army Reservist does, so by bringing the educators, by bringing the employers out to the field we get to expose them to what it is soldiers do on a weekend exercise, potentially what they do on a leadership course during the summer and just gives people a better idea– when that soldier asks for time off work or asks for time for a course–just what it is they’re getting up to when they come out here.

(LN) Exercise MAROON CHEF recently took place pairing Primary Reserve cooks with culinary students to participate in a cooking competition using mobile kitchen trailers.

Taking place at Camp Aldershot in Kentville, Nova Scotia, 5th Canadian Division conducted this military and civilian culinary training exercise in order to enhance food service skills and promote awareness of the Cook trade.

Bravo Zulu to Dean Li, a Nova Scotia Community College student at the Kingstec Campus in Kentville, and Mitchell Munn, a Defence Team Civilian Cook from Gagetown, New Brunswick. Their team took first place in the culinary competition.

(N) That’s it for us. Thank you so much for watching. See you next time…

(LN) …for Defence Team News!

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