Military Personnel Command initiatives deliver for military, veterans and families


The delivery of new initiatives outlined in Canada’s Defence Policy Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE), with benefits that contribute to a full and satisfying life experience, are on track. Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members joining today, as well as those now in mid-career, will see these gains grow for them and their families in the years ahead, even after they enter the next phases of their lives.

Our vision statement People First, Mission Always goes to the heart of ensuring that Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans, and their families are well-supported, diverse, and resilient,” said Lieutenant-General Charles Lamarre, Commander of Military Personnel Command, “As we look back on the past fiscal year, I am proud of the impressive amount of work we have accomplished.” Military Personnel Command (MPC) sets the personnel policies for people in uniform.

Many of the key MPC accomplishments for 2018/19 will directly enhance the lives of CAF members.

If deployed on a named CAF operation, you will have more money in your pocket thanks to new Tax relief measures.

The Seamless Canada initiative, launched in June 2018, will make moving to another part of Canada easier for you and your family. The CAF is working with federal, provincial, and private sector partners to improve the coordination of services across the country.

If you need to talk to someone, the 24/7 Family Information Line, offers confidential sessions via telephone or video, can now be booked online, providing a convenient and responsive service for military families.

If your partner is looking for a job, both the Military Spousal Employment Network and the Military Spouse Initiative offer potential job opportunities to military spouses of currently serving members.

When you are posted, improvements to relocation services will help you and your family navigate the system more efficiently.

LGBT and non-LGBT members of the Defence Team may look to the Positive Space Ambassador initiative, a volunteer and peer-based support network within the workplace that promotes diversity and inclusion across the country. The Defence Team is also promoting diversity and inclusion as a core institutional value, having appointed a Diversity Champion, and is integrating Gender-Based Analysis Plus in all defence activities.

Op GENERATION is making recruitment easier and faster, with a new digital recruiting platform and attraction campaign for people considering a career in the CAF.

Formed on December 10, 2018, the CAF Transition Group (CAF TG) ensures the wellbeing of you and your family as they help you move seamlessly into civilian life.

Two other MPC initiatives that will benefit you in the long term are Pension for Life and the new Veteran’s Service Card (VSC). If you are a CAF member or a veteran living with a service-related illness or injury, Pension for Life empowers you to choose the form of compensation that works best for you and your family. Rolled out in September 2018, the VSC recognizes CAF members’ past service and helps them stay connected to military and veteran support programs.

Military Personnel Command’s commitment to its people begins from the moment military members join the CAF , continuing throughout their careers, and extends to the critical period of transition when embarking on a new life. Offering steadfast support to members builds a strong and agile defence organization, and acknowledges the sacred obligation the Government of Canada has to Canada’s military personnel, veterans, and their families.

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